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[cornell university, spring 2021]

This project focuses on the concept of peeling up the ground and embedding masses into the ground. Site A was chosen because of the relative calm of the marina compared to the lake, which would give shelter to first-time learners and children rowers. The peeling op of masses creates a channel through the building with a tower at the crown of the channel and the forms of the buildings are amplifications of that transformation that radiate from the tower.

Each building encroaches into the ground by embedding into the negative space left by the roof being peeled off of the ground and stretched over the skeletal structure of the truss frames. Then, in the cavern that is created within each building, platforms are suspended housing a variety of programs. The bottom floors embedded into the ground are continuous to the back and front of the buildings, forming a man-made gathering space in the “piazza” at the entrances of the buildings and dock space at water level. The cast-in-place base also serves as anchors for the truss structure and is molded to accommodate shelving in the workshop and appliances and stalls in the bathrooms.



rendering 1.jpg
rendering 2.jpg
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