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[cornell university, spring 2021]

In the quotidien rush of my crowded university schedule, the hallway is but a passing moment, never a goal or a place to settle. It is often considered a threshold between two places. Never a destination, nor a place of settlement. The experience of the hallway is suggestive, but never concrete as light, shadows, movement is projected from the portals that dot its walls rarely of itself--beyond a simple light fixture or two. In a way, the hallway is like a clock. It marks the passage of time as lighting conditions change, as people move according to their schedules, as objects are brought through this temporary space. For many of us, the hallway is not the first “essential” space when think of when we consider the many places we call home. But, despite its humble existence, it is nevertheless quintessential in supervising our transition from one program to the next--whether that be from resting to cooking, from bathing to working, from entertaining back to resting. This project is not about a place, but of a moment, a glimpse, a flash in the hustle and bustle of our college student life.

[key space]


[model diagram]

axon final dwg.jpg

[model photos]



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