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marketing and social media management

[salsa pa'lante, ongoing]

In my role as Marketing Chair for Cornell University's salsa club, Salsa Pa'lante, I spearheaded a rebrand to reestablish the club's identity on the Cornell campus in September 2023. In addition, I implemented a new social media strategy that involves posting relatable dance content as well as video content to boost visibility on Instagram. Since then, the club's social media following has doubled in size, and the club has seen record numbers of students at our recruitment event, Placements. In this capacity, I designed the new logo, as well as personally shot and edited all video and static content on the Instagram account.

Supplementing this role, I have conceptualized and executed (via photography and styling) two photoshoots in the club to generate content for advertising and social media, as well as spearheaded the design and marketing of a brand new event hosted and organized by the club called Primavera Pa'lante. This included designing merch, creating mood boards for the above-mentioned photoshoots and the event space experience, as well as generating the social media and physical marketing materials.

[Rebrand 2023]


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