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[medium design collective, spring 2021]

"This year, to celebrate the designers, artists, creators, and innovators in our life, we are sharing our work with you. Composed largely of artistic contributions from our Editorial and Experience team along with other members of MDC, this pavilion catalogues our club’s work throughout the year. Let this pavilion be a reminder that no matter what happens, creativity persists. Now, join us as we reminisce..."

To celebrate Medium Design Collective's RAW launch, I designed a Covid-safe pavilion to display our work and creativity in the Arts Quad on the Cornell University Campus. The pavilion is a timber construction with an interior mural decorated with our projects from the year, exhibited May 03 through May 10, 2021. It includes signs and stepping markers to observe Covid distancing restrictions and does not pose a health or safety risk to the student body, rather it serves as a reminder that creativity can overcome the challenges of life and bring a positive energy to the community.



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