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Little Miss Science Brand Redesign

[freelance, ongoing]

The Little Miss Science program is a community service initiative to increase the accessibility to STEM learning to young girls. This project was a collaboration with the client to promote their new summer program for 2020. Because of Covid-19, the client felt the need to rebrand in tandem with adapting their operations to comply with social distancing regulations.

The extent of the project involved designing the website and providing all graphics for online use and distribution. Taking full advantage of the necessity to advertise solely online, the concept for the project evolved from the parameters of short attention spans and bold, attention-grabbing animation and posters, while maintaining the link to the program's history. The combination of the science flask with the bouquet of flowers speaks to the youthful adventurous nature of the program while giving a softer, feminine touch to controlled, scientific rigor.

[website banner]


[logo design]


[promotional material]

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