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experience speaker series

[medium design collective, ongoing]

Part of the Medium Design Collective, as the leader for the Experience subteam, my vision is to evolve event design beyond the physical space to curate an emotional and mental experience. For the 2020-2021 school year, my team and I have curated a series of panels, workshops, and events that challenge expectations, illuminate unexplored topics, and exceed expectations. I assist in ideation and development, mentoring, poster design, while also developing and moderating my own panels panels.

[beyond food: conversations with unconventional creators]

What if we take a step back and look at food in a different way? Join us in a conversation of an international panel of food artists, who have been featured on Buzzfeed, BoredPanda, HuffPost, and more. Learn about the nuances of their design process and media attention has shaped their works, or not. How do they balance standing out with their art and belonging to the art world? Moderated by Daphne Tan, poster design by Miriam Gitelman.

[conversational medium panel]

Conversational Medium is a panel speaking to past Medium Design Collective presidents and founders about leadership, creativity, and the transition from college to the workplace. Poster design and moderated by Miriam Gitelman. Poster graphic by David Ni.

[conversational medium panel]

This panel aims to address our need to create and speak for social good. We know that hardships exist in the world so we aim to be moral and address these issues, but sometimes our need to seem morally correct obscures the good we can do. How can we critique our own privileges and performative actions to be more empathetic and achieve the understanding we hope for? Moderated by Dana Gong, poster design by Miriam Gitelman.

[illuminating education panel]

Illuminating Education is a one time live panel that will create a conversation exploring the cross-sections of pedagogical understandings and academic advocacy with Esra Akcan, Aleksandr Mergold, and Dasha Khapalova. Co-moderated by Tan Halacoglu and Miriam Gitelman.

danaArtboard 1.jpg
Illuminating Education Poster v2.jpg

[design your reality]

Have you ever wanted to design the world around you? This panel will explore creative computing and integrative design, and its applications to virtual and augmented reality. Moderated by Miriam Gitelman and Tan Halacoglu, poster design by Miriam Gitelman

Design Your Reality.jpg

[digital humanities]

Join MDC for a exploratory workshop this Tuesday April 13th at 6pm! We will be introducing the basics of python and jupyter notebooks in the intersection of poetry and computation and discussing the growing field of digital humanities as a whole. Whether you want to attend the workshop or just join for the conversation, everyone is welcome. Moderated by Dana Gong, poster design by Miriam Gitelman.

dighumArtboard 1 copy.jpg

[healing spaces]

The purpose of this panel is to spark conversations about how design can create an environment conducive to the healing process. Science has proven that architectural designs, known as healing spaces, can contribute and extend to wellness and health through human-centered designs. Through the panel, perhaps the event can inspire attendees to implement design elements to reconsider designing for spaces, but to build to heal. Moderated by Ryun Shim, poster design by Miriam Gitelman.


[timetravelers web project]

In Progress


If time is not the precise ticking of seconds to minutes, minutes to hours, and hours to days, what is time? Is it an abstract toy of science? A gold inlaid toy of dilettants manufactured by the swiss, or something else altogether?

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